Photos from the conference (V. Stejskal):

Dear colleagues, participants of the 18th Czech-Polish-Slovak Environmental Law Conference,

we would like to thank you for submitting your conference applications, the topics of your conference contributions and the abstracts. We are pleased to inform you that the topics of your conference contribution have been assessed and approved for a presentation during the conference meeting and also for a publication in one of the planned conference outputs (either a monograph in English or Czech-Polish-Slovak electronic proceedings).

We believe that now it is the right time to inform you about several organisational matters.

• In these days we work on a detailed conference program. To be always up to date and informed about everything important concerning organisational and other aspects of the conference, please follow http://envi.law.muni.cz/content/en/conference/

Place and time of the conference

• The conference will take place in the premises of hotel Skalní mlýn (http://www.skalnimlyn.com/) as well as in the premises of Dům přírody (http://www.dumprirody.cz/en/moravsky-kras/). The conference will take place from 6th - 8th September 2017.


• If you arrive by car, you can use the car park situated directly in front of the hotel. If you use the public transport (train / bus) you can use a taxi service to take you to the hotel (for example http://www.florenti.cz/, http://taxiblansko.com/).


• Hotel Skalní Mlýn offers accommodation in double rooms and at an additional cost in single rooms - always with breakfast. The number of single rooms is limited, therefore you are asked to notify your interest to be accommodated in a single room to the organisers as soon as possible, no later than 15 June 2017.

• It is possible to be accommodated in the hotel already on 5th September 2017 (the night before the conference starts). It costs CZK 595 in a double room with breakfast or CZK 880 in a single room with breakfast.

Accommodation breakdown is here.


Final programme of the conference is here (in Czech).


Optional accompanying programme

• For the morning on 7th September 2017 there is planned a facultative accompanying program. It includes an excursion to the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area with an expert presentation and a visit to Punkevní jeskyně (caves).

• For the transport between the hotel and the caves there will be used a little train and for the transport to the upper bridge of the Macocha Abyss there will be used a cable car transport (more at http://www.skalnimlyn.cz/vlacek-a-lanovka-k-punkevnim-jeskynim/). Back to the hotel you can either walk or use the cable car and the little train again.

• If you want to participate in the aforementioned accompanying program, please notify it to the organisers in advance, no later than 15th June 2017. The cost of the accompanying program is CZK 350 (the fee includes an expert lecture, a cave tour and a cable car and a little train tours). The fee for the accompanying program will be added to the basic conference fee (see below).

• If you do not want to join us for the accompanying program, at the time of this program you can alternatively focus on some other activities offered by the Moravian Karst (for example rent a scooter - see more at http://www.skalnimlyn.cz/pujcovna-kolobezky/, or hire nordic walking sticks - more at http://www.skalnimlyn.cz/birki-nordic-walking-centrum/ or use the services of some of the restaurants - more at http://www.skalnimlyn.cz/restaurace/).

• There is a lunch provided for all participants of the conference on 7th September. The lunch will be served in Chata Macocha Restaurant, located near Punkva Caves (the lunch price is included in the basic conference fee). The lunch will be served at 11.30 am. We would like to advise those who will not participate in the accompanying program that the Chata Macocha restaurant can be reached on food (from hotel Skalní Mlýn it is necessary to walk up the yellow hill (about 3 km). The restaurant can be also reached by a cable car directly from the hotel (the favoured return fare costs CZK 140). Other option is to walk on a comfortable road along the blue road to the bottom station of the cable car (appr. 2 km) and then take a cable car lift to the upper bridge which is close to Chata Macocha (a return ticket costs CZK 90).

Conference fee

• The basic conference fee is CZK 1 950. The conference fee represents a contribution of the conference participants. Those conference participants contributions will help us to cover the rest of the total conference costs which are not covered by the donors and sponsors of the conference.

The basic conference fee covers the accommodation in a double room with breakfasts from 6th to 8th September, a lunch and a gala dinner on 6th September 2017,  a lunch in  Chata Macocha on 7th September 2017 and small refreshments and coffee in breaks between the conference sessions. In the basic conference fee there are included also all costs connected with the organising of the conference as well as the costs of publication of the outputs from the conference.

• For those who wish to be accommodated in the hotel Skalní Mlýn already on 5th September 2017, the basic conference fee is increased by CZK 595 (accommodation in a double room) or CZK 880 (accommodation in a single room).

• For those who wish to be accommodated in a single room from 6th – 8th September, the basic conference fee is increased by CZK 570.

• For those who wish to join us for the optional accompanying program, the basic conference fee is increased by CZK 350.

The conference fee must be paid by 30 June 2017 at the latest. The instructions for the payment will be delivered to each participant by e-mail upon receipt of a binding application.

Contribution and its publications

• The conference contribution can be written and delivered in Czech, Slovak, Polish or English.

• The planned output from the conference is a printed monograph in English. If you are interested in this publication, your conference contribution (chapter of the monograph) must be written and submitted to the organisers in English. The organisers do not provide any spelling corrections, proofreading or any other language revisions. Another planned outcome of the conference is an electronic proceeding in Czech, Polish and Slovak. Each conference contribution can only be published in one of the aforementioned conference outputs.

The contribution to the electronic proceedings or the chapters to the monograph in English must be submitted at the latest on the last day of the conference (it means on 8 September 2017). The conference contribution must be submitted in an electronic form by handing it to the conference system available at https: // www.law.muni.cz / applications / en / registered / administrations / collections / and by sending it to the scientific guarantor of the conference (adj. prof. Ilona Jančářová). As to the formal requirements on the conference contribution, the conference contribution template must be used. The template will be available to the conference participants on http://envi.law.muni.cz/content/en/conference/

Please fill in the mandatory credentials, no later than on 15th June 2017 through the following web sites: https://prihlasky.law.muni.cz/applications/en/registered/applications/conference/534

Thank you. We are looking forward to a joint meeting in Moravský Kras. 

On behalf of the organisers of the conference with friendly greetings, 

Jana Dudová

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact person:

Mgr. et Mgr. Bc. Hana Cejpek MusilováE-mail: Hana.Cejpek_Musilová@law.muni.cz or hanka@cejpek.eu

Conference guarantor:

JUDr. Jana Dudova, Ph.D.E-mail: Jana.Dudova@law.muni.cz

Scientific guarantor of the conference:

Doc. JUDr. Ilona Jančářová, Ph.D.E-mail: Ilona.Jancarova@law.muni.cz


This conference was organized with the kind contribution of the South Moravian Region.

Reimbursed from subsidy JMK 2017 in the amount of CZK 40,000 on the basis of contract no. 044560/17/ORR. 

Partners of the conference:




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